Ambic Installations

One of the questions we get asked most by schools & contractors is..."Can you really make that?"

We are the guys to call if you want a truly SPECIAL one off or short run. You may have an idea for a unique piece of furniture, structure or new product but need some help to design it, or you may have a great design but need help to produce a prototype.

We have an array of manufacturing capabilities and engineering experience and have helped out many of our clients who cannot find exactly what they are looking for. But most impressively our genuine enthusiasm and our ability to ‘think outside of the box’ are what clients tell us they love most about us! We’re ‘down to earth’, ‘not afraid to get our hands dirty’ type of guys who love a challenge-let us at it!


Why trust us?

We know how important a project is to you, we know that you want someone trustworthy who is not going to let you down or leave you in the lurch. Our word is our bond-we don’t believe in ‘it’s good enough’ we are very proud of the quality of our work and if something goes wrong and it’s our fault (which very occasionally happens-we’re not completely perfect!) there’ll be no excuses-we’ll put it right, no whining! This attitude has served us well for over thirty years and has re assured new clients-we’re there for you, we’re on your side! Take a look at what our clients say about us at

Ok so you’ve hopefully seen and heard enough from us to take a leap of faith and give us a go! Once you’ve made contact we’ll invite you to our factory to see for yourselves our capabilities and meet the team. You’ll be plied with tea or coffee (and possibly doughnuts!) whilst we discuss your project, whether it be a one off bespoke design or a complete refurbishment. We'll provide CAD drawings for your approval & once you've given us the green light there'll be no stopping us! You won't be disappointed-we won't let that happen!

Call us to discuss your latest project on 0191 389 1888-Let's get cracking!