Invest in Furniture that is built to last

When a local Head teacher purchased a tray storage unit from a competitor's slick clearance magazine we asked what had influenced her decision. She answered that it was cheap. After comparing the price to our tray unit it was £12.00 cheaper.

A shocking discovery...

Two weeks later the unit arrived at the school, flat pack and had to be constructed by the caretaker. We looked at the unit & were shocked to discover that it was made from cheap, faced 18mm chipboard-this looks comparable to MDF but does not have the strength characteristics per sheet. Surfaces can bow & buckle under the slightest of weights.The joints of the tray storage unit had been formed by butting up the pieces of MFC and a screw had been driven through to try to hold the unit together.

Despite requiring daily use in school we just couldn't see how this unit could possibly withstand use within the classroom safely & consistently for any period of time! Even worse in an attempt to prevent the base of the unit from touching the floor under the weight of full trays a third wheel had been attached to the centre of the unit. The unit skewed with the lightest of touches as it had no support structure and certainly nothing was gained from the 2mm flimsy back panel!

Fit for purpose...

Now, we know that budgets have to be spent wisely in school but we would urge you to consider what your school furniture has to contend with on a daily basis-our furniture is engineered to withstand constant & heavy use for the environment it is to be used in. Most of our prices are comparable with other companies or slightly more expensive but our furniture stands the test of time-our furniture is still in use in some schools after 20 years! 

We use fine quality medium density fibreboard (MDF) which is strong, rigid & durable. Joints are dowelled, cammed, rebated and glued.Edges are profiled, sealed and gloss laquered for a durable, impact-resistant finish and our furniture is delivered to you fully assembled by our master craftsmen for your immediate use & ready to provide you with years of service.

Put us to the test-by purchasing our furniture we can prove to you that you are providing your school with the best value for money!

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