Masters of Storage Solutions

There can be lots of wasted or unused areas in school which with careful design and planning can be turned into additional storage or teaching space, cloakrooms or wet areas.

School corridors are a typical example of this, with times of heavy traffic, they need to be clutter free and safe with excellent access, however, they are often the least utilised spaces in school. In many instances they can be easily converted into a thriving learning or storage environment. We have transformed many areas in schools in this way.

Watch this short video to see how we transformed unused space at Blackfell Primary School...



An efficient school office environment is central to the smooth running of a busy school. Often schools have aquired, over time, a mish mash of furniture which doesn't really meet the users needs. We are specialists in identifying your office needs and providing you with a comfortable, innovative and aesthetically pleasing environment with lots of appropriate storage. We also consider when designing any existing pipework and can conceal unsightly fittings but allow access for essential maintenance works.

We can help you to create fantastic storage opportunities-call the Masters!

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