Stacking System

Our New Stacking System

Combination Storage Solution

A great class room space saver, combine different units for multi-purpose storage



Castle reading Corner

Castle Reading Corner

Themed Reading Furniture

A cosy reading area with seat, shelving, black and white boards, also available in woodland,

pirate and cottage themes.



Stacking Tables

Stacking Tables

Choice of colours and stacking type

Vibrant colours combined with easy storage when not in use



Kinderbox Seat and Tray Storage

Kinderbox Seat and Tray Storage

Mobile multi-functional storage unit

A sturdy mobile resource combining storage and seating, ideal for nursery and younger children.



Play Shop / Puppet Theatre

Play Shop / Puppet Theatre

Imaginative role play furniture

Ideal for children to perform puppet shows or use in role play as a shop



Double Whiteboard Step with Tray Storage

Whiteboard Steps

Space-saving double step with storage trays

Available in single and pull-out double step with and without extra storage.



Welcome to Ambic Ltd

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For over 30 years Ambic has been manufacturing fitted and loose school furniture for schools, nurseries, colleges and universities. Collectively our designers have over 100 years of experience making educational furniture so we understand that you need stylish, quality furniture that offers value for money and will last for many years to come.

From our purpose built factory our small group of engineers and master craftsmen work confidently together building furniture to the engineering standards which we would like to own ourselves. All our furniture is made to order therefore variations in colour, size and style are easily incorporated.

Enjoy your visit - we hope you find what you are looking for, but remember, we can make virtually anything so do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any furniture requirements you may have.

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Need a bespoke design and installation?

Our ecommerce shop is a convenient way to purchase standalone pieces of furniture, but if you have a project in mind within your school or educational premises, perhaps making better use of space within existing rooms or if you are looking at full refurbishment and creation of specialist rooms or learning environments, then we can offer you a full consultation, bespoke design and professional installation service.

To find out more and hear from others about how Ambic Ltd helped them achieve exactly the right solutions for their specific needs, then visit our specialist educational website Ambic Educational. Even if you don't need a full design service, you can find out more information here about how our furniture is made and what makes us different from all the others!





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